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The computer graphics and virtual reality team is lead by Dr. Karen Rafferty (Virtual Reality) and Dr. Stuart Ferguson (3D graphics and OpenFX) if you would like ot discuss any of our research or education work please contact Karen about VR and Stuart about 3D animation and OpenFX. 

Here are a few links to web resources for 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality that we have found particularly useful.


For 3D graphics programming:

OpenGL... - Up to date information on OpenGL - the home of OpenGL programming


For Virtual Reality Programming:

ARToolkit... The ARToolkit is the place to start for augmented reality programming.

VRPN...   Virtual Reality Peripheral Network.  OpenSource software for networked virtual reality and standard interface for devices. Excellent middleware.

For Virtual Reality in general (hardware/software)::

SensAble...  Make the ubiquitious Phanton haptic (force feedback) devices.  Their OpenHaptics library makes programming the haptic experience as easy as programming the graphics experience with OpenGL.