Practical Algorithms for 3D  Computer


by R. Stuart Ferguson

The Website for the Book

This is the web site accompanying the book published by
A. K. Peters Ltd.

A.K. Peters is now part of CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group

This site contains a list of errata from the 1st edition, copied of the accompanying source code for the algorithms and details about the book.


A second edition of the book is in preparation and will be published in 2013

The second edition will bring the contents of the book up to date and include new sections on metaball modeling, NURBS, GPU textures and techniques for rendering hair and fur.

There will be new chapters on graphics for mobile devices and practical 3D graphics using OpenFX. The book will explore the source code for OpenFX and indicate where the key algorithms for polygonal modeling occur as well as how to implement a GPU renderer and an optimized ray-tracer.


Second Edition

The second edition is in preparation.

The second edition will be published in 2013


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