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12th December 2012
New web site for the Book Practical Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics (in preparation for the release of 2nd edition in 2013)

3rd December 2012
New build of OpenfFX postes on OpenFX web site.

22nd November 2012
All new matierial relating to OpenFX is now presented through the OpenFX.org website here...

16th November 2012
The Virtual Reality research laboratory is now full operational again after its move back from the old Science Library building.

14th November 2012
New tutorials are being added to OpeFX.org

6th November 2012
Update to OpenFX web page

28th October 2012
Empedocles web site released.  Visit it here....

26th October 2012
New version (2.3) of OpenFX - see the OpenFX download page or go to OpenFX.org